F*** Homophobia

Dude, just f*** with that goddamn homophobia. Like, come the heck on people! It's freaking 2017 goddamn it, are we still living like in 1947 or what? I've talked about the pride & prejudice the LGBT community in the Dominican Republic has always experienced throughout the years. If you want to know more of what … Continue reading F*** Homophobia


Political Correctness

In the times of Donald Trump being the President of the United States of America (Oh dear Lord! Take us apprehended), and during almost the entire US Presidential Campaign of 2016, the term “political correctness” was present all along. By the definition set on Merriam-Webster, politically correct means: “conforming to a belief that language and … Continue reading Political Correctness

Ending Chapters

What a bold statement: ending chapters. Is it really that bold as it may appear in the writing? Well, folks, life isn’t easy when it comes to this, and sometimes you close things in a hush, or not the way you wanted to be, or simply, things end because they happen to end and that’s … Continue reading Ending Chapters

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, new challenges, new goals, new resolutions, new everything! (almost entirely). For many, 2017 does not give them any good vibes and it could be for many reasons. Most of us attempt or really do commit ourselves to a series of goals and propositions of all the things that we want to achieve during … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions

What I’ve Learned This Year

I can say that I’ve learned a lot this year. 2016 has been a year of challenges, changes and overall growth in both personal and professional levels. Every year gives us situations that we need to deal with, and well, as I get older, I need to unleash that “grown ass man” behavior many people … Continue reading What I’ve Learned This Year

23 Reasons

Today, I turn 23. I just happen to be one of those people who love to celebrate their birthday. 2016 has been one of the most challenging years for me, and I mean it in all aspects: personal and professional. Also, some of the posts I’ve wrote here show some of the insights of those … Continue reading 23 Reasons

Let’s Move Forward: An op-ed

We survived the 2016 US Election cycle people. Let’s move forward! And look folks, I’m not a political expert, just an opinionated millennial that knows a bit of politics, understands some to most of the issues, and just wanted to have my say and so explicitly and publicly. So, the whole world scrambled during the … Continue reading Let’s Move Forward: An op-ed

My Playlist – November 2016

First things first, let me introduce what we could say is a new thing here. Welcome to My Playlist! I’m going to try to do this kind of posts more recurrently, but let’s give ‘em a try. In this post I’m sharing with all of you 10 songs I’ve been excessively addicted to for the … Continue reading My Playlist – November 2016

Paper Light

I should've posted this a week ago because of Spirit Day, not this week, but anyway. It’s regular to see these holidays and for some reason, I just either forget or skip them. #soannoying and I feel bad because I follow lots of LGBTQ stars on social media, knew about this, and I just happen … Continue reading Paper Light

Wish You Were Here

Have you ever said to yourself think about someone else “I wish you were here”? Haven’t you missed anyone in your life? Like, anyone. And that anyone can be a friend, a relative, or anybody you had a close connection to. I’m about to turn 23, and I’ve seen people come and go in my … Continue reading Wish You Were Here