5 artists that should compete at Eurovision

On this post, I’m doing another Eurovision-packed entry, because I’m having those withdrawal signs, ok? OK! (Eurovision is life. Bye!) And also, I’ll admit this: I haven’t written anything here in a month, literally, and I’ll explain why I’ve been so busy lately in another post soon. Don’t worry people, there’s a reason for everything.

So, back to this Eurovision topic, I’m sharing a list of 5 artists I’d love to see competing in the future. Some of these choices are just in my dreams (yes, they’re unrealistic at least for many), while some others can be seen as much more realistic. Folks, LET’S DO THIS! (*William Lee Adams from Wiwibloggs voice*).

1) Natasha Bedingfield

Does anyone remember the iconic theme song from MTV’s 2000s reality TV classic The Hills? Well, if “Unwritten” is not familiar to you, where the hell have you’ve been the past 11 years?  Anyways, Natasha has a special voice and I’d love to see her make a HUGE comeback and Eurovision could be a great platform for a career relaunch. Girl, you can Make Britan Great Again!

Enjoy this rendition of her iconic 2000s single together with American YouTube stars Cimorelli:

2) Clean Bandit

This British electronic band just gives me life. Literally. Each of their singles is just masterpiece after masterpiece. I’ve been following them pretty much since they slayed the planet when “Rather Be” came out back in 2014. This is yet another act that the BBC can convince and totally Make Britain Cool Again! (Eurovision-wise obviously) And most of the singles have become worldwide hits people, so this band can totally pull that win the United Kingdom desperately needs and it’s been 20 years since they last took the trophy home.

3) David Bisbal

Has anyone forgotten the Spanish Eurovision fever they lived back in 2002? Well, I was 8 back then and I kinda know about since TVE’s iconic talent show format, Operación Triunfo was reproduced in several countries all over the globe, and that unforgettable first season that aired between 2001-02, where he starred, became ridiculously famous! He’s one of the most recognizable faces from that season and a HUGE star in Spain. After being one of Rosa’s chorists back in 2002, why not taking center stage now? He hasn’t put out a major single in a while and Eurovision can certainly help him a little and he can Make Spain Shine Again, for sure!

4) The Veronicas

The Origliasso sisters need to be cool again, because they have the talent, and their recent singles sound pretty good actually. They’re a total shift from the out-of-a-talent-show model Australia has used on their 3 participations so far (yes folks, even Guy Sebastian comes from a talent show, as he won Australian Idol back in 2003). They’re a more realistic option for Down Under, once you see who is my #5 pick. But this duo can Make Australia Popular Again!

5) Delta Goodrem

If Australia’s SBS ever confirms Mrs. Goodrem as their performer at Eurovision, all of us fans have one thing to say: SHE CAN WIN EUROVISION! She’s undoubtedly an incredible singer, songwriter, and overall performer. This woman can do it, she literally can! Her voice is just magic and she’s a powerhouse. Also, she’s one of the several female coaches to have won at least 1 season of international talent format The Voice, winning the last 2 seasons in her native country. I just LOVE HER. Ok?! I LOVE DELTA GOODREM! #fangirlmoment Delta, you can Make Australia Proud Again!

Enjoy one of Delta’s singles from her latest album Wings of the Wild released last year, “Enough”:

So, that’s it. These are my 5 choices to compete in upcoming editions of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Any other suggestions from all over the European continent? Leave them in the comments!


Until next time,



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