What’s the Pressure?

What’s the pressure? Really, what the heck is it? Seriously society, you have to get your goddamn self together, you’re exhausting, annoying and simply a son of a bitch. Being a college grad in this modern era can be frustrating at times, especially if finding a job reaches of the point of being an excruciating experience. If you think like me, please keep reading. If not, leave me a comment. Let’s talk about this!

So, I’ve been struggling to find an in-field job (my major is in Marketing with an unspecified minor on Integrated Marketing Communication, and the whole unspecified thing is too damn complicated for me to explain it here, but that’s some administrative stuff by my alma mater) since I graduated from university back in September 2015. Last week I got pretty angry with some of my university friends because one of them has consisted bullied me because of where I’m working right now: a call center.

I’m pretty much aware myself, that it’s been quite some time since I graduated and I’ve been a bit too comfortable working at the call center I’m working currently. But, hey! I don’t want to make the same mistake twice. Literally, my next job change must be a thorough decision, not a rushed feeling like in January 2016.

When I switched jobs and worked as a community manager for 6 months last year, which I have talked about several times before here on my blog and in the end, I really regretted the decision but not the experience. The experience was necessary for me, however, it was not as pleasant as before. Personally, as an employee, I’ve never been mistreated by a boss, like I was by that individual. And to be honest, I’m at a point where I need some stability and before making such a change, I’ll meditate it before saying “Yay” or “Nay”.

So, to my friends, relatives and those skeptics out there: WHAT’S THE PRESSURE? Please, tell me. Why do I have to rush myself into finding a job? Even though I’m fine at my current workplace, I’m still not fully settling there just yet (although I’ve been working there for almost 10 months now), and I find it extremely annoying.

I’m trying, I’m working on it, and I have too many possibilities in front of me right now and I just need to let things fall into its place and see how it goes.

I don’t want to my future job to define me, I want to define what my next adventure will be. Settlement seems to be an option for now, but I’d definitely want to explore more stuff especially in the digital world.

I’m just thinking, and planning about what to do next. Yes, it will take me some time. And again, I’m WORKING my way to move on with call centers in general, because it’s goddamn time. So, just leave me alone, and I’ll find my way.


Until next time lovebirds!


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