Eurovision 2017: My Top 10

It’s that time of the year again! It’s time to enjoy the magic of the Eurovision Song Contest! YAAASSSS!!!! This year, 42 countries are competing to become the next winner of the world’s oldest and most watched annual music competition. And, well, as tomorrow we’ll see this year’s event come to an end, I’m sharing with all of you, my top 10 songs for this edition.

I hope you like them! Sadly, not all of them will be performing on tomorrow’s grand final. Also, as I listed on a YouTube ranking I uploaded myself recently, some of these positions have changed after watching their performances on stage in Kiev, where the show is being held this week.

Portugal is number 1 in my list for all the right reasons. Salvador Sobral and “Amar pelos dois” is just a musical delight to our ears, and in a competition, packed with different music genres that go from pop, going through rock, techno, and adult contemporary music, there he comes, with this simple, sweet, and surprisingly charming jazz song composed by his older sister Luísa.

This deserves to win on merits alone. This is what many people can call a musical masterpiece, and it’s totally logical to understand why the Portuguese people are all proud of this: they’re contenders to win Eurovision for the very first time since they first competed in 1964. And I pray that tomorrow afternoon my time, this becomes the winner!

Italy, oh Italy! Girl, I can’t wait for my dose of fun on tomorrow’s show. Like c’mon folks! NAMASTE! ALLEZ! Francesco Gabbani and his “Occidentali’s Karma” are just enchanting and magnetic at the same time. Fun, catchy, and all things that make Eurovision what it is, the 2017 Sanremo winner will not let us down, and with this great staging as shown on Tuesday’s 1st semi-final, one thing is certain: Italy is ready to commit to its leading place and take the crown home for the first time since their comeback in 2011 and they’ve been in the Top 10 pretty much every year (except 2014 where they finished 21st and in 2016 where they ended in 16th).

One of the 2 entries of this list which did not advance to tomorrow night’s final. Finland with Norma John and their mysterious “Blackbird” are amazing to me. Sadly, Europe did not support this enough to take it all the way through the Eurovision finals. All about sad feelings, bad breakups, and more of that kind of mood swings that we go through, this song to me is just MARVELOUS! and it’s elimination became one of the biggest disappointments of the 2017 Contest.

Folk and its lyrics are 100% in Belarussian, Belarus is back in the finals for 2017 and I couldn’t be happier. NAVIBAND and their song “Story of my Life” is a delightful bliss of ethnic folk that brings joy to the soul. I mean, look at them, they’re enchanting. Happy songs, happy music, happy people. Yay!

Denmark is back in the final this year and it’s all for the right reasons. Anja Nissen and her self-composed song “Where I Am” are just A M A Z I N G ! Let me remind all of you, that Anja back in  2014 slayed the third season of The Voice in her native Australia. She’s representing Denmark, however, because both of her parents are actually Danish. She presented herself to the national final last year, but finished 2nd, she did it again and girl, look how far you’ve come! You’re going to be amazing tomorrow night Anja!

Oh my, oh my! IT’S O’G3NEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! The Netherlands chose this incredible trio of sisters who happen to be the first-ever three-piece act to ever win a series of The Voice anywhere in the world back in 2014 when they emerged victorious from The Voice of Holland‘s 5th installment. Also, their group, O’G3NE is the first girl band to actually make it to a final since Russia’s Buranovskiye Babushki back in 2012.

If you have questions, their unique name O’G3NE stands of their blood type, O; 3 is for their sisterhood, and GENE because of the genes that connect them. Lisa, the blond one, is the oldest, while Amy & Shelley (the skinny and the brunette one) are fraternal twins.

Nathan Trent and his charming face make Austria a pleasure to watch on stage on this year’s Eurovision stage. “Running on Air” is a song that is pretty much about empowerment and it’s performer knows how to deliver! Congratulations for maintaining the trend of staying the finals for the 4th consecutive year (they have not missed a final since 2014 and since they returned in 2011, they have missed only 2 finals, 2012 and 2013 respectively) and good luck tomorrow, Nathan!

The almighty Sweden never stops sending great entries to the competition. Robin Bengtsson and “I Can’t Go On” are tremendous. Current schlager to its finest, and the staging, oh lord. 5 good looking men singing and dancing on top of treadmills. Yas, honey, yaaasssss! Eurovision is never Eurovision without its schlager contribution and thanks to you Sweden, thank you Melodifestivalen for this great entry!

This contemporary entry is performed by 17-year-old Kristian Kostov who is Russian by birth but is representing Bulgaria in this year’s competition. I was not a huge fan at the beginning, but incredibly, it’s so damn popular it’s now one of the contenders to win together with Italy & Portugal according to the betting odds. What made me put this song into my top 10 picks, it’s the staging and the overall performance live. It was incredible! And for Kristian only being 17 at this day, geez! This kid will be big one day, that’s for sure.

My other Top 10 pick that did not advance to tomorrow’s final is the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, or in short F.Y.R. Macedonia. Jana Burčeska and her catchy tune “Dance Alone” wowed me from the very first listening. Sadly, the staging in Kiev didn’t help much to take this song to the Eurovision final where it really does belong.

And its chorus is E V E R Y T H I N G !, you have it right below:

I will dance alone
Wherever I am, the rhythm follows
I will dance alone
I’m lost in the sound of no tomorrow
I let it go
I, I, I let it go, wild
I let it go
I, I, I let it go
I will dance alone
Wherever I am, the rhythm follows

Also, one of the most exciting moments of yesterday’s 2nd semi-final, in which she performed and on her postcard (aka the introduction video that is presented before each country performs on stage) she announced her pregnancy, SHE WAS PROPOSED ON LIVE TV BY HER BOYFRIEND! And I added the clip below because it was so random, so unexpected and so cute!

Besides that, I can’t wait for being with my friends and have a great time tomorrow afternoon watching the show together.

So, what do YOU think about my choices? And who’s your favorite to win tomorrow’s big final? Leave me a comment, and let’s talk about Eurovision! Yay!


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