Past, Present & Future

The Past, Present & Future, kind of irony, don’t you all think?

This post in a way will work as a way to give you all an update on my life, my projects, my aspirations, my ideas, my feelings, pretty much everything about me as a person. Since I started dieting and changing habits a few weeks ago, I’ve started to give myself a chance in life all over again, and I will explain why.

I needed a change, although this one comes from the consequences I’m dealing with since my knee injury back in December, and I’m embracing it as much as I possibly can. Also, I’m encouraging myself to start my Master’s degree later this year since, I thought on these past few days that when I’m studying, I’m always in a better place, so why not? Yes, I’ll have to deal with the consequences of a student loan, but I need to invest and make sacrifices for me first and then I’ll think about someone else, and invest for a better future.

Next, I go from that sense of encouragement, self-inflicted by the way, to this odd feeling of loneliness, rejection, fear and other bad stuff I just rather let it all out here and see if by writing about them, I try to let them go away. Ugh, as if. It’s just annoying feeling the way I do, and I deal with it as much as I possibly can. Still, I’m not going to let this bad mood take me completely out of focus, it’s just a momentary feeling and that’s kind of it, basically. But we’ll see in the future how this works out…

Speaking of other topics, my love life is one of them. By self-imposed decision, I gladly accept the fact that I am single as I’ve never been in my life. Rejected out in the open, and not feeling some of the dudes (that’s me right there being polite, but it happens to me with the majority) I meet on apps like Grindr or other social media sites. I start the conversation and then I’ll see where I’m able to take it.

Recently (aka last week), I was invited by my university to a workshop called “Brand Warriors, a good idea!” and I seriously don’t regret accepting the invitation. We were introduced to a great speaker from Colombia and he was incredible! His experiences, his knowledge, all about that guy is just amazing. I definitely don’t regret the experience, and it was totally worth it. And in my upcoming plans is to start my Master’s degree this fall there. So yeah, I’m giving all of my money to that university all over again and I seriously won’t have a single damn to give. #studentloanhereigo

Also, this past weekend I watched Netflix‘s adaptation of teen novel sensation 13 Reasons Why, and I was shocked. The show is an intense emotional journey for the viewer, as it takes you to fully and deeply understand what led Hannah Baker to commit suicide in the way she decided to do it. The feelings all the characters have had at some point during the show are all extremely relatable to anyone who has watched the show, as we all end up knowing someone who has been bullied, sexually abused, publicly humiliated, and many of the stuff we get to see depicted in the series. It’s a realistic portrayal of how hard teenage life is today.

Lately I’ve embraced my past the best as I can, living my present to the fullest of my possibilities, and preparing myself to enjoy what’s coming up next, since the future is unexpected and I’m ready for everything.


Until the next one, folks!


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