One Year Later

Today marks the first anniversary of the very first publication on this blog. And, well… on this post I’m going to reflect on the past 365 days.

What can I say? A lot has changed the past year, and well, I can’t be bitching about it, just being honest. And I must say, that opening about multiple topics, such as sex, suicide and death, the LGBT community, U.S. politics, and even Eurovision, just to say some, has been helpful. I’ve never felt as comfortable as I do today to speak my mind freely, and respectfully towards others.

A year ago, I was going through not so good times: dealing with a not so pleasant boss and unlikeable job, not feeling as my best possible self, about to start a Diploma course in the Digital Marketing and Communication field, and so on. Also, 2016 was a disaster of a year. I mean, DR had elections with sketchy results anyway, the Americans ended up with Trump as their new leader, we had the Orlando massacre together with many, many others during the year.

One year later, well… things look different. After my knee injury back on my birthday, I’ve been seeing doctors quite regularly in the past few months and let’s face it, I’m forced to change in order to prevent surgery and also win something: better health! And even though, I’m not fully ready for some of these changes, hun, I better drop those pounds! Hahahaha.

This blog has been a blessing for me. Being able to express my opinions and share them freely with the world is great! Also, this little project has evolved a little bit now that this is on it’s way to becoming something a bit bigger than just a simple blog. If you don’t think so, check its Instagram page here. Just for you all to know, I don’t post daily as I either I have things in store that I develop in advance or just post because of specific occasions, and I even share the songs I’m currently listening to with my followers.

Here’s to one year and hopefully much more! Sharing more experiences, more feelings, and more stuff with all of you lovely people. HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, LITTLE DIARY! YOO-HOO!

Until the next one folks!


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