F*** Homophobia


Dude, just f*** with that goddamn homophobia. Like, come the heck on people! It’s freaking 2017 goddamn it, are we still living like in 1947 or what? I’ve talked about the pride & prejudice the LGBT community in the Dominican Republic has always experienced throughout the years. If you want to know more of what I had to say about this topic almost a year ago, read the article here.

And after watching the video posted by popular local YouTube star Carlos Durán on his channel on Feb. 20, 2017, all I can say is: WHAT A SHAME! Jesus Christ. If I take that into Spanish language adding Dominican colloquial expressions in the mix, I’d be cursing quite a lot.

On the video available at the end of the post, you’ll clearly see how HYPOCRITICAL we are as a society: for females, it’s much more acceptable than for males. Females attract more sexual desire and are not seen with the same disgust as males.


This country is beautiful, and I will never, ever stop saying that. My roots, my childhood and pretty much my entire life so far has been centered on this exotic island nation, located right in the middle of the Caribbean. However, when s*** hits the fan, girl, I’ve got to be real and spill the tea how it should be.

The Dominican LGBT community has always been at the center of several human rights attacks for no valid reason other than systemized homophobia within our culture, our education system and I can keep continuing with examples. I might not have lived a lot or have been through more than enough experiences in my young life, but, that does not make me an idiot or that I keep sucking my thumb.

In the end, the fight is still on. I’m just hoping to see the day where being gay, lesbian, queer, bisexual, transgender, or anything within the LGBTQI spectrum stops being taboo. Boundaries are being broken, and stereotypes are falling with them every single day. However, the Dominican society, in general, is still hesitant on being more welcoming and accepting towards people with different sexual orientation, and as everyone else evolves, for some reason, we stand still.


Now, here’s the video I mentioned you throughout the post. And f*** homophobia!

NOTE: the video below is available only in Spanish.


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