Political Correctness


In the times of Donald Trump being the President of the United States of America (Oh dear Lord! Take us apprehended), and during almost the entire US Presidential Campaign of 2016, the term “political correctness” was present all along.

By the definition set on Merriam-Webster, politically correct means: “conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated”. Sounds interesting, right?

So, in these crazy time we live, I understand why so many people say that the term is a  “catch-all” phrase, that it’s incorrect, that it doesn’t fit with today’s society, that it’s obsolete. Usually defended by liberals, and highly detracted by conservatives. We can go for days on how necessary, opportunistic or disrespectful this term is or can be.

Unfortunately, so-dubbed “progressive” societies like the United States, allow themselves fear-mongering and idiotic political leaders like their incumbent President, Mr. Donald J. Trump. This past week we were all witnesses of one of the most insane measurements ever taken into effect in modern times: banning the entry of individuals from certain territories into the USA because of the majority of the population from those respective countries being of Muslim faith. (And Americans were dumb enough to still believe most of his nonsense! #ShameOnYouAmerica)


For me, political correctness is a necessary evil. Today’s society is extremely volatile everywhere, and I mean so in a literal way. There should be a fight for more positive values like multiculturalism, respect, tolerance and acceptance of different religions. One of the worst things that has been affecting most of the societies in the American continent (a.k.a from the northernmost point of Canada, to the southernmost point of Argentina), is that Christian/Catholic faith has always attempted to impose part of if its identity into the way a sovereign state is meant to handle itself in the freaking 21st century.

I don’t trust ultra-religious people, I just can’t and won’t allow myself to. It’s difficult to explain, but for me, religion or religious motives are no valid reason to disrespect people. We’re meant to be unique, different and special, also as humans, we’re meant to appreciate each other’s differences rather than tear them apart and provoke hate amongst all of us.

Political correctness, in the end, is not as bad as conservatives want to make us think it is. As I mentioned earlier in this post it is a necessary evil, there should be a tone that is accepting and embracing to each and every single one of us. Because I’m white and you’re not, the way I want to express myself has to disrespect you, and example like this can go on and on and on… Anyway, the issue with this term, it’s not the concept, but the way it is regularly applied, and that we can leave it for another post!

Until the next one!


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