Ending Chapters


What a bold statement: ending chapters. Is it really that bold as it may appear in the writing? Well, folks, life isn’t easy when it comes to this, and sometimes you close things in a hush, or not the way you wanted to be, or simply, things end because they happen to end and that’s it.

At times, we just hold onto things that have happened in the past that have marked us for either good or bad. And as life overall is a non-stop learning process, there are stages in life that sometimes do not end properly before we get to move into our next challenge.

Ending chapters. Closing cycles. Moving on. Going forward. May seem easy to say, but at times it’s difficult when it comes to the practice unless you’re 100% ready to jump the shark and do it. And if you don’t feel ready to do it, it can be hard.

For me, 2017, has to be the year where I can finally move on from certain things in my life that are doing me no favor. However, even though I know I have to make these changes, I’m afraid of moving forward or just start going there. And looking back, my life has changed a lot, but things are not going the way I want them to go.

I’m stubborn, I totally own it, and to take it even further that way of being runs in my blood. I am afraid of changing, or at least, unexpectedly. I think none of us are fans of those random, surprising, shocking, and sometimes unnecessary changes that life, by its own cosmic magic, throws into us like nothing. Our job is just to survive, and as that old saying says “God doesn’t give you fights that you can’t win”, and at times I do think this may be even true, but anyway.

In the end, ending chapters is completely natural. That’s just the way life goes and there’s nothing we can do about it, just growing, learning and enjoying what lies ahead.


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