What I’ve Learned This Year


I can say that I’ve learned a lot this year. 2016 has been a year of challenges, changes and overall growth in both personal and professional levels. Every year gives us situations that we need to deal with, and well, as I get older, I need to unleash that “grown ass man” behavior many people expect from me. I’ve had the privilege to meet some incredible people and the distaste of meeting some unlikeable individuals throughout this 365 days.

Photo 2

In both photos, you can see some of my closest friends from those old high school days: Scarlett, Nathalie & Steisy.

These are some of the lessons that 2016 gave me:

Bosses can be bitchier than you, the employee: Well, my boss back at the small marketing agency I worked for most of this year (between late January and late July of this year), and he was a BITCH, and it’s in capitals and bold because he really was. The best thing that ever happened to me was being fired from there, I couldn’t stand him any longer.

You can lose your job out of nothing: Keeping in line with that same marketing agency I used to work at, well, I was not the best employee ever. I admit that. However, my former boss liked that I always pleased what he and the customers wanted. Until I reached a point that it was becoming exhausting. Going there for work was a drag, literally, it was feeling like hell and my brain was succumbing to the overload, and that happens when some smart foreigner thinks that managing +15 accounts is logical having only 1 fixed Community Manager. HELL NAH IT’LL BE WORKING PROPERLY! And basically, he grew tired of me and fired my ass. And guess what? I earned it, and I loved it.

At your workplace, you develop new friendships that can last years: And when I say that, I truly mean that. In a small country like the Dominican Republic, people are friendly AF, and in the workplace too. Not all places give you the same vibe (experience here speaking), however, when you get to connect with people, you’re able to form great friendships that last years!

Photo 1

To the right with my dear friend Denise who just welcomed her baby girl. To the left with two of my dearest friends Meriam & Nicole O.

Changes come when you most need them or you less expect them: When I saw myself in the position of attempting to insert myself into the professional field I studied at university, it was a travesty for me to find a decent job, and by acquaintances I got to enter to that agency, which ended up being a stressful experience. Can’t complain at all, though as soon as I was fired, I got a job at a different call center, so that came in at the right time, and to say the least, I have no complaints about my current workplace yet and I’ve been there for nearly 5 months now.

Friends are that other family you form over time: We’ve had our ups and we’ve had our downs, but my friends are amazing. Don’t have any complaints. We enjoy those moments we spend together, create memories and have a lot of fun together. Every time I’m with them, we get LIT AF! LOL #myfriendsarebetterthanyours

I’m not ready to have sex: I did and reached the unthinkable. I did not have any sex during 2016. I was close to get some intimacy with several guys along the year, but in the end, either I had to go and take care of other things or simply I sent the guy to hell (in most cases, I just wanted to evade potential trouble). Also, emotionally speaking I’m not ready for taking that step with absolutely anyone.

Photo 3

On the photo on the left I’m with my crazy co-worker Nicole L., and on the right, I’m joined by my girls from university Yasmely, Niberky, Sara and Yaeliz.

Growing up is hard: Even though this may sound cliché and all, as you get older, and you start living life a little bit more, you get to understand the meaning of that sentence.

That’s the recap of what I learned this year. What have you learned during 2016? Leave it in the comments. Until the next one folks!


PD: Merry Christmas to you all beautiful readers! xoxo


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