23 Reasons


Today, I turn 23. I just happen to be one of those people who love to celebrate their birthday. 2016 has been one of the most challenging years for me, and I mean it in all aspects: personal and professional. Also, some of the posts I’ve wrote here show some of the insights of those days. This year, my birthday comes in and I’m going through an emotional rollercoaster. But, skipping all worries aside, today it’s a celebration of life! And these are reasons I have for being happy today:

  1. For still being alive: Still breathing. Still in one piece.
  2. For becoming wiser than before: Life is a process of constant evolution.
  3. For learning from my own mistakes: Because you have to.
  4. For being critical about myself: I’m my own worst critic, literally.
  5. For knowing my pros and my cons: and like myself, they always change, but the core remains the same.
  6. For battling adversity with a smile: and that’s how everyone should face tough times.
  7. For keeping the faith alive: I’m a big believer that hope & faith are the last things you let go of.
  8. For the family I have: I can call myself one hell of a lucky a** m*****f*****, literally
  9. For my attitude towards life: positive AF y’all
  10. For always keeping it real: yes, to that
  11. For being fabulously and flamboyantly queer: YAAAASSS KWEEN! #sorrynotsorry
  12. For being proud of my past: no regrets baby! Simple like that.
  13. For being excited about what’s coming next: I have absolutely no idea what’s coming my way, but I can’t wait to see what life has planned for me
  14. For having the luck of having a job: girl, I got to pay ‘em bills.
  15. For having co-workers who become friends instead of competitors: call-centers are a competitive field, in many ways although people believe they’re not. And I can’t complain with the level of openness and respect I enjoy every day at work.
  16. For those friends who become family: thanks to my girls Steisy, Nathalie & Meriam for being my rocks over the years.
  17. For those little moments: and they’re special indeed
  18. For those new people who come into your life: for the good or for the bad, hey, nice to meet all of you!
  19. For the great music this year gave me: literally, 2016 gave me life when it comes to music, and I mean no jokes with this. Starting that Lemonade replay followed by those Eurovision songs that I loveeeedddddd.
  20. For those unexpected, unannounced road trips: they were necessary although they never came for the bests reasons.
  21. For being a nice, loyal and quite protective friend: when it comes to the friendship department, I think as the years go by, I just get better at it. Yay!
  22. For always dreaming big: and I’d rather stay like, always dreaming big!
  23. For you: THANK YOU so much for spending your time reading each article. I highly appreciate it!

These are the reasons why I’m so happily excited to celebrate my birthday this year. Thanks so much for everything! This space has been a blessing, and I’m just getting started.

Until the next one folks!


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