Let’s Move Forward: An op-ed


We survived the 2016 US Election cycle people. Let’s move forward! And look folks, I’m not a political expert, just an opinionated millennial that knows a bit of politics, understands some to most of the issues, and just wanted to have my say and so explicitly and publicly.

So, the whole world scrambled during the evening of November 8, 2016, as we closely followed the results of the U.S. General Election, from basically anywhere around the world (including myself from sunny Dominican Republic). That night I went to bed past 1:00am UTC -4 and I knew that the worst had happened, and after just making it past 3 hours of sleep, I suddenly woke up by 4:20am that morning and well, the results I left before I went to bed were unchanged: Donald J. Trump became the new leader of the “free world”. *insert sad face emoji here*


His victory can be defined as the resurgence of the ultra-conservative movement that found a prominent popular face that channeled their message massively and impressively great. Trump & co. masterfully did the unexpected: winning the presidency of the United States of America. What most of us thought it would be just a joke back in June 2015, is now our bittersweet reality.

Bittersweet, that even though, a moderate progressive liberal like me, knows and admits (and have done so for the past couple of months) that Hillary Clinton was not the best candidate ever, as she was definitely hated, and with reason. But most of the world could rely on a Clinton administration keeping control on its core group of support, and the prominent position that the US diplomats have achieved the past 8 years could be somewhat maintained.

The upcoming Trump administration, has a big job ahead of them, they have wounds to heal with their neighbors down south, going from Mexico all the way down to Argentina and also crossing over into the Caribbean, because the rhetoric does not help him much and the US has trade deals basically all up and down Latin America, so if any or all of them get removed we’re in trouble, huge trouble.


Bittersweet in the context of how the Donald just basically made fear the biggest and most bombastic argument in this campaign. No political campaign for the highest office of any country ever has achieved the amounts of free publicity the Trump campaign achieved, just in the primaries alone they amassed a total of US$2 billion in free ads all thanks to the liberal media. CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNBC, FOX News, and all the newspapers around the globe and the online portals, you have purposed and fueled this monster. And we’re all aware of it. And again, I’m not a political expert, but watching at least CNN alone was a challenge, I couldn’t resist watching past an hour except during the primaries to follow the results or during the DNC to watch what was going down.

Bittersweet in the context that even though the alternative sources and WikiLeaks have all basically exposed her flaws, having tons of backlash for being an experienced politician, having most of the role models that many children follow today behind her, the most money in donations, she still lost to this unexpected character, yeah that.

And she fought a tough uphill battle, not only in the primaries where she really had to fight to build herself a way through (because Bernie did have a great message and basically she moved more towards his positions to be more competitive overall), despite all accusations of the whole process being rigged for her. Also dealing with the FBI investigation of her goddamn emails, and doing so with respect towards each process she went through all over the past 19 months (the primaries still a bit questionable though). That alone deserves recognition, not backlash. Not many women are brave enough to do so like she did it, she prepared herself, she buckled up and she fought the fight.


Bittersweet because globalization took another huge blow. First was “Brexit”, now it’s President-elect Donald Trump. His public positions against free trade or immigration are pretty much against what today’s economy in most developed countries prevails. He basically exposed all of his flaws and did so masterfully, the guy’s a genius just for that: being one of the most flawed candidates ever to run for a presidency, being according to pollsters “the most hated candidate in history”, and more unlikeable factors and still pull off a victory out of all of this. He beat the odds, which were all against him and the “Silent Majority” showed their power once again.

And again, congratulations to him, his family and his campaign: portraying the worst feelings of a great country, you reached the unthinkable, morally unacceptable, socially counterproductive and provoked the biggest disrespect to what democracy and politics should be all about.

Our world needs more people who are willing to run for office respecting the process 100%, from beginning to end. Americans are still trying to swallow the bittersweet pill represented in the fact that Donald J. Trump campaigned in a way that basically disrespected all levels of common decency and respect and still won the highest office of the land.


We need more Bernie’s and Hillary’s (who even though has been catalogued to be corrupt to levels of only God knows how, she was not spending her time disrespecting everybody) and less Donald’s, just for the basic fact of respecting the democratic process and for campaigning promoting a positive attitude towards all of the challenges that western society faces nowadays. We all know that President Trump will be a 360 change from the campaign and now that he and the Republican Party have all control of the Houses, let’s get ready for the worst and expect the best (Thank God that Bernie & Warren are still in the Senate).

Let’s unite, mobilize and work all together for better times to come, and all the changes we’d like to see as a collective, let’s start building them together. Tough times are coming ahead us, but the most important thing is that: We will survive!




Until the next one folks. Thanks for reading this.


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