My Playlist – November 2016


First things first, let me introduce what we could say is a new thing here. Welcome to My Playlist! I’m going to try to do this kind of posts more recurrently, but let’s give ‘em a try. In this post I’m sharing with all of you 10 songs I’ve been excessively addicted to for the past couple of months and this is my first music selection on my blog. #YayMe

Most of my friends know that my playlist is formed in a plurality by Eurovision-related music because I am ADDICTED to the Eurovision Song Contest. And if by any chance, you have NO clue what that is, just click here for details (Thank God for Wikipedia! LOL). So, let’s do this!


Growing up, I used to listen to her music and I’m so happy that she’s having her big comeback with a great album like Mad Love. Available on all platforms, so y’all better look it up and give it a try. This the lead single, “F*** Apologies”.


This is the fourth single hailing from Delta’s most recent album Wings of the Wild. And god damn, Delta is just pure musical joy and perfection. Now that Australia will do Eurovision for 3rd consecutive year, I pray they pick her with any new song she can easily pull off so they can slay the stage once again.


I’m going to admit that I heard this song while watching a commercial break on MTV, and even though it was for just a few seconds, I liked what I heard and when you hear the whole song, it makes you feel good and sexy. So yeah!


I’m hooked with this song. The lyrics, the rhythm, EVERYTHING! One of my favorites from 2016.


If you recently had a break-up gone awry, this song is right for you. Extremely catchy, powerful lyrics and a strong empowering message all combined sound an excellent combination for this individual. I approve! #GirlPower


Lately, I’ve been obsessing myself all over again with this song. The tune, the mystery, the lyrics, HER PERFORMANCEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! The whole combo put by Loreen is just incredibly magical and exciting at the same time. The one you’ll see comes from Melodifestivalen 2015 when the song was originally released.


Gaga is BACK gents! And out of all the songs included on her latest album, titled “Joanne”, this one is my favorite! I love it. Keep it up girl!


Hailing from Sweden’s Melodifestivalen, the most anticipated and followed national selection for Eurovision every year. Molly is one artist I’ve been dreaming to see her on the big stage for her native Sweden, which she represented in the Junior version of the competition 10 years ago in Romania and finished 3rd. And out of all 28 competing songs, Molly is one of my standouts and my personal favorite, and still to this day I listen to it. Can’t wait to see her do it again and probably win!


Speaking of Eurovision, and sticking to Eurovision songs, this next pick comes the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta. Ira previously competed for her homeland and finished 2nd back in 2002, the year where Spain had national Eurovision-mania, and Mrs. Losco just SLAYED! And 14 years later, she did it AGAIN! Although #WOW was not her original entry for Stockholm, “Walk on Water” became its replacement in March and damn what a great decision. She made the finals and finished in a respectable 12th place, and still today I’m hooked to this Swedish-Maltese product.


Oh Spain! Y’all and Eurovision ain’t that kinda buddies no more. This inspiring, catchy, danceable song is all in English however, it’s a product 100% Made in Spain. And I loved it! Even though for the national selection for 2016, Barei was my 2nd option (because María Isabel was there! Remember “Antes Muerta Que Sencilla”? Anyone?), I was happy she won. And for the contest back in Stockholm this past May, I was really excited with the revamp they pulled off, however, because of mainly poor staging it finished in a disappointing 22nd place. Regardless of that, I absolutely LOVE this song and it’s one of my new classics. #iloveyoubarei #betterluckin2017spain #ifreakinglovethis


And that’s all for now! Also take a look here at one previous post that I did back in May about Eurovision 2016. Next month, luckily I’ll make a recap playlist of 10-20 songs I fangirled with all over 2016. And hopefully, later this week will come up with a regular post (if I survive my first week under my new schedule at work!).


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