Paper Light


I should’ve posted this a week ago because of Spirit Day, not this week, but anyway. It’s regular to see these holidays and for some reason, I just either forget or skip them. #soannoying and I feel bad because I follow lots of LGBTQ stars on social media, knew about this, and I just happen not to jump the bandwagon, as it’s usual on me, riding solo before riding the crowd.

Moving forward there’s a Loreen song, precisely titled Paper Light gives me life. It literally does make me feel those feelings folks, no lie. However, that’s not why I’m writing this post about. I just explained the title, and I will try to make it sense for all of you.


Being part of the complex and always evolving LGBTQ community is nice. We’re different, we’re all queer and we’re still here bitches! And our different groups are melting and mixing each other every day even more. And when I say that I should’ve post this a week ago, I say so because on last Thursday (October 20th), the community celebrated Spirit Day.


We observe Spirit Day on October every year since 2010, usually the third Thursday of the month. And this kind of Remembrance Day is all about those who have been bullied during their lives just because they were gay, lesbian, transgender or queer and ended up committing suicide.

Many LGBTQ kids that I know have been bullied just for the fact that we happen to be different from everyone else. I was heavily bullied as a kid, and my strong character hails from those crazy school years, especially the one I went to from 7th grade up to my senior year at high school. I know that my main aggressor, 3 years ago, when another classmate of ours passed away, he said to one of my closest friends, outside the kid’s funeral that he expected ME (yes, out of all 111 of us at the time) to be the one who dies first.


Like the song’s chorus says:

We’re born to be higher


We’re born to be higher

We’re paper light

And basically that’s how I see every single one of us, we’re each part of this whole thing called society and we’re each a paper light that is meant to achieve its peak. So, we’re here to be, and we’re meant to go higher.


Promo made by GLAAD for Spirit Day 2015

As I mentioned above, I’m a bullying victim myself, all I can say is that all I’ve been through has contributed to the individual I am today. And honestly, I’ve struggled my whole life with the whole “fitting in” aspect of society, I do adapt myself to places and situations but there are rare occasions where I feel that I do belong.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of bullying because they identify as LGBTQ (any of the letters) contact me herehere or here, and I’m more the willing to talk to anyone basically and start creating support groups online, and I think it isn’t that bad of an idea. Don’t you think?



Until the next one!


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