Wish You Were Here


Have you ever said to yourself think about someone else “I wish you were here”? Haven’t you missed anyone in your life? Like, anyone. And that anyone can be a friend, a relative, or anybody you had a close connection to. I’m about to turn 23, and I’ve seen people come and go in my life. And each and every single one of us has.


I’ve seen friends losing their soulmates, their best friends, their grandparents, uncles, cousins, and more relatives. And saying goodbye is hard. It’s a process everyone that goes through it must assimilate, and it’s painful, and also makes everyone re-think about their lives. There are moments where you’d wish you have that person next to you, or celebrating life or be there in those moments you really need support, and you end up saying “I wish you were here”.


Saying goodbye is not easy, it never really is. Leaving or being left behind by someone else can be heartbreaking, painful, stressful and I probably can’t imagine what else it could be. There’s one thing that all of us human beings have in common, and that is death, eventually our lifespan will meet its finish line and we leave behind a lot of friends & family, and while we go to our eternal rest, those we leave here are the ones that struggle to move forward.

People die because of a billion reasons: sickness, accidents, overdose, fatal gunshots, wounds, infections, cancer, suicide and more. Speaking of suicide, even though there have been moments where I’ve had crazy insane thoughts in my head, I know people that have died because of this, even though in most cases they’re not part of my close circle of friends, they were part of the big circle of friends and acquaintances I have.


Dealing with mental illness, or extremely stressful situations and also add to the mix: family problems, acceptance issues, financial scares, falling grades at school or university, toxic or abusive relationships, legal problems, and many others, don’t provide a good spot for help doing its job correctly.

I’ve lost two classmates over the years, one from high school and one from university, and to say the least, their passing has left me with a lesson, a big one to say the least. And that lesson can be resumed, with an iconic phrase, extracted from my favorite show ever, Degrassi:


I’m aware that many of those who read here may be extremely surprised with this topic. But, I remembered the passing of that high school classmate, and 3 years later, I’m still shocked by it.


If you know someone who you perceive may have suicidal tendencies, don’t leave that person alone. Just never do. Befriend them, help them and encourage them to move forward no matter how deep their problem could be, they can survive everything they’re put to go through.


Even the biggest smile can hide the biggest tears. And it’s a lesson that I’ve learned after seeing and living these instances not far away from them.


Until the next one folks!


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