Wow! I haven’t write absolutely anything for the past month and a half! Well, that has an explanation and very simple one actually: I was extremely busy during the entire month of July. Even though I had my spare time and could’ve said anything, I just used that time to do other things, instead of taking care of this beautiful online space I call my blog.

Lately, I’ve been through one of the most complex periods of my entire life, if you allow me, I will explain why.


So… first things first: for the first time in my life I’ve been fired from my job. In a way, it felt completely surrealistic, however, in many ways, I did deserve the sack. It was an uncomfortable position to go through since, well, I didn’t have Plan B set in stone at all and was caught completely off guard. Still, I was planning to leave that company anyway, but, as the old saying says… changes come when you least expect them.

Basically, our lives are all about CHANGE! And it’s something most people don’t like to face, or even deal with. I’m really stubborn myself, and that thing though runs A LOT in my family (that gives me a reminder of my mom when she goes critical on anything related to my paternal family).


I can call myself an extremely lucky m**********, and here’s why: my former boss gave me a 15-day allowance to look for a job, well, I found one just days after he fired me. Just an FYI, in the Dominican Republic, depending on the type of company, how your boss is or the way the HR team handles firing scenarios, you can be fired from your job and still be given a few days – maximum 15 days – so you can quickly figure out what you’ll be doing next. However, my new and current job is not anything I was really expecting. Girl, I’m going back to call centers!

Those who’ve known me for years know how much I dislike the job, but the people make everything more bearable, or at least, that’s who I see things. This new company I’m working for is just FANTASTIC! It’s an international contact center enterprise that has offices and sites across the globe, and it’s an exciting place to be. They definitely do treat their people the best they possibly can.

Unfortunately for me, there’s something called reality, and she’s hell of a b*tch. My parents can’t afford to pay my bills not even my lifestyle, I have no distinguished, and I’ll always be rich kind of surname – and here in the DR, hun, we got a few that they got that goddamn cash flowing like crazy, and I wish I could be kidding. My last name, well both of them actually, are as Spaniard and common as you might expect them, so well, just like the Rihanna song says… “Just get up and work, work, work …


So, while I’m perfectly adjusting to my new work environment, my previous job at a digital marketing agency is still chasing me, but in the wrong terms, and when I say wrong, I mean wrong.

If anything makes me extremely angry, is the fact that people want to play with someone else’s well-earned money, and my former boss (who thinks he can outplay the Dominican Republic’s strict and ironically fair – in an extremely unjust and unfair country like the DR is, they are indeed strict and fair – employment legislation and laws) basically wants to do that with me and the final supervisor I had while working at that small business. I understand he’s an entrepreneur and whatever he wants to say, but that does not give him any power of disrespecting our laws. But he’s been living here for over 10 years, so he feels as Dominican as native does and kind of behaves like any of us would. Ugh.


I really did learn my lesson after this experience. I’m impressed by how irresponsible people can be with delicate matters, such as an employee’s money. IDGAF if it’s a small or big business, even a corporation, laws exist for a reason, and that reason is to put people under certain parameters they need to comply in order to stay out of trouble. But this dude thinks he’s like the mafia or anything similar, he thinks can outplay laws like everybody else does here. In part, I don’t blame him, because here in the island, most people give zero to no f***s about our laws, and yes folks, I am NOT joking with this.

However, if in his mind, he believes he’s a leader instead of an obnoxious, incompetent, absurd, immature, childish and petty AF boss, then he should lead by example. But the behavior I saw from him, with my very own eyes, just left me speechless. I’d rather leave that topic there.


Thanks to his mess I’m currently in, I’ve got a new motto: “Trust NO b*tch!”. I’m taking that to myself and apply it the best I possibly can in every aspect, I can. Trust me folks, I will, I reaaaaaaally will. Hun, I did learn my lesson after this one, I did.

For me, mistakes are better lessons than all possible triumphs I’ve ever achieved. As when you fail, you know your weaknesses and have a great opportunity to look at yourself in perspective. I know it may sound super cheesy, but that’s how it is. In times of failure, the best thing you can do is rise like a phoenix and be the best version of yourself.

In the end, I’ll get over this the best way possible, and well…



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