Eurovision 2016: My Top 10


Let’s tlak a little bit about Eurovision! YAAAAASSSSSS! #ComeTogether, this year it’s been the 12th time I’ve watched the contest live. Unfortunately for me and my friend who came in to join the party, we were stuck to watch it on YouTube (Thank God they’ve acquired streaming rights!) since Television Española’s international channel for Central America & The Caribbean UNAIRED the show for the first time in probably 20 or more years. Thank you Spainish TV! F*** you! YouTube will be my friend in 2017.

On today’s post I’ll show the 10 acts of the 42 that I liked the most after the show and why. So, let’s take a look at them. 01

Amir became one of Eurovision’s most wanted performers in 2016. His song “J’ai Cherché” is easily an international crossover. Already available in French-English (like the one in the video), 100% English and Spanish-English versions, all available in iTunes or Spotify, this song is just magnetic. France’s new Head of Delegation, Edoardo Grassi fully understood the new vibe in the contest, picking this song as their entry and taking France back to the Top 10, they finished 6th in the Final with 257 points.


Eventual Eurovision winner Jamala from Ukraine performed her song “1944” talking about the mass deportations suffered by Crimean Tartars from the Crimean peninsula precisely on that year. A controversial winner, Jamala proved everyone with a powerful staging and performance. Jamala scored a total of 534 points in order to win Eurovision, beating Australia’s Dami Im & Russia’s Sergey Lazarev.


Iveta Mukuchyan from Armenia just SLAYED in Eurovision this year, with a staging performance that has nothing to envy an American production. “LoveWave” was amazingly set on stage and everyone was like “She’s like Beyoncé!” and yes, Iveta and that performance have NOTHING to envy Beyoncé.


Bulgaria‘s Poli Genova left everyone with a great imrpession after performing in the Eurovision Song Contest for a 2nd time. “If Love Was a Crime” can be used as any kind of modern pop love anthem, and the staging did work for it pretty good, finishing 4th overall in the Final with 307 points this was Bulgaria’s best result ever.


Francesca Michielin represented Italy in Eurovision 2016 with the song “No Degree of Separation”. The song is just beautiful. And her staging was adorable. So basically, she was amazing. Good job Italia! She finsihed 16th in the Final with 124 points.


The Netherlands selected Douwe Bob, and I’m just like YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS! He’s basically the hottest guy that showed up to Stockholm. He’s ridiculously good-looking and cute and charming and just amazing. Great voice, great song with “Slow Down” and one of the best stagings there was in Eurovision 2016. He finished 11th with 153 points in the Final.


Another of my favorites pre-show was the Czech Republic, with Gabriela Gunčíková and her song “I Stand“. For the first time in that country’s Eurovision run, they made the final, finishing in a sad 25th place overall in the Final, with just 41 points. Out of all ballads, this was my favorite this year.


My overall pre-show favorite was SPAIN! However, the staging was not exactly as I wanted to see it there, good but not great, also performing after super favorite Russia didn’t help AT ALL (Thanks SVT! You did a great running order this year), making Spain one of the biggest Eurovision fan wanks for 2016. Barei‘s disco power anthem “Say Yay!” just slays, it’s an amazing song and one of the best the country has ever sent to Eurovision in their 50+ year history participating. Sadly, it did not impressed juries and viewers enough, finishing in a depressing 22nd place with 77 points. #FedeyToñiFueradeEurovision


Iceland‘s Greta Salóme just SLAYED with her song “Hear Them Calling” during the 1st Semi-Final of Eurovision 2016 back on 10 May. Unfortunately, she finished 14th in the overal in the Semi and therefore she couldn’t make it to the Grand Final on 14 May. Her sudden elimination became the first of many fan wanks of Eurovision 2016.


Heavily underestimated Belgium SLAYED this year in the final finishing 10th in the overal final ranking with 181 points. Laura Tesoro‘s songWhat’s the Pressure has always been one of my favorites and the staging did it’s job for them. Cool, funky, and bright, great opener for this year’s big final.

Already anxious to see what’s going to happen in 2017. Yaaaassss! Long life to Eurovision!


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