A Million Voices – Part 3

If you’ve missed Part 1 or Part 2, just click to reach those posts and read them. This is the third installment in this series of posts about my views and feelings about the inminent electoral process that happened in my country on May 15th, 2016. It may sound crazy, but people are feeling the pain that the supposed economic growth the country has experimented recently is only seen by a few and not by many. Let’s keep dishing down these issues.


This is one of the main things that have me really concerned, all 8 candidates (even the incumbent President wh0’s seeking to be re-elected) are all proposing and throwing out their ideas away on what a presidency with he or she in the lead will look like.

And this makes the whole panorama go from bad to worst, not fair as we’ve been through a whole lot the past few years, but hey! That’s what we have to deal with today. I’m really uncertain on how bad things can actually get.

The Dominican Republic by itself has a humongous amount of issues that need to be immediately resolved, beginning with homeland security and drug smuggling, also linked into that account: the electricity chaos. Yes, here in the DR we’ve dealt with power interruptions in a frequent basis for years now, and the more time goes by, the more people get pissed on the Government for doing absolutely nothing on that matter.

Some of the candidates have actual proposals that may solve some of the additional issues, let me set some examples:

  • Leading opposition party candidate, Luis Abinader, proposes a salary increase for the Police force: from the estimated over $7,000 DOP monhtly, to the astonishing $22,000 DOP monthly.
  • Our president, Danilo Medina, poposes República Digital (Digital Republic in English), a project where technology will be expanded to students in public schools all over the country and more internet access to the population.
  • Guillermo Moreno has announced tough measures against Government corruption, and has promissed to impose the law to those from the past who have broke it previously.
  • Minou Tavárez has maintained a smilar stance as Moreno when it comes to corruption, also has openly supported minority groups and better representation of women in power.

And so on. In the end, they’re promising but what we cannot guarantee is how the Senate and the Deputee’s chambers will end up looking like after the election, but everything indicates that the current leading party, PLD, will win astonishingly again. On top of that, NONE of the candidates – even the President himself – are giving us, the crowd, any motivation to vote for them, people are only motivated to go and vote because of family interests (like in my case) or keep their jobs (about 90% of all Government employees need their jobs) or because they’re actually motivated to see changes in their country.


Youngsters, Millenials, you name it, overall young folks like me DO ACTUALLY THINK CONSCIOUSLY about things. Not necessarily meaning it, but yes, they do think about their environment and what happens, how decisions made by politicians affect us, and so on. As the election cycle – and it’s related craziness – unfolded, new faces were seen everywhere, and it felt good, however, local authorities do not trust or even rely on the positive attitude young blood can bring to our institutions and therefore, our nation.

Most of us feel betrayed, played and cheated by corrupt government officials who say that care but they really don’t. And now that as results are coming in, people are getting angry at the political sphere because they’ve been extremely incompetent into claryfing many of the fraud allegations that have surfaced since Sunday’s election process.


I’ll keep it short this time. Politics in the Dominican Republic have never been as messy as they’ve been in 2016, and I can promise you that our country will live a crazy ride in the upcoming 4 years. At least the coallition that lead the opposition obtained quite a good amount of seats in Congress including 4 Senators. I’m just going to hope this messy situation does not go any messier than what it already is. Also, this is how the Senate will end up looking like when it comes to parties:

The crazy Senate map!

Red & Blue – Coallition (Social Reformist & Modern Revolutionary); Navy – Independent Socialists; Purple – Goverment (Dominican Liberation)

The leading opposition alliance, shown in red & blue takes 4 provinces (from left to right: Puerto Plata – blue, Valverde – red, San Pedro de Macorís – red & El Seibo – blue); the Independent Socialits Block, takes 1 province (Peravia – navy); the District together with the remaining 27 provinces are all taken by the Dominican Liberation Party – aka the ruling party. Congress also has mixes all over the place between ones and others.

Let’s hope things end peacefully and more deaths don’t take toll.


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