Being… My Unapologetic Self

Well, where should I start? I’ll do the best possible introduction to who is behind this little experiment, I call blog, and I’ve named: My Unapologetic Diaries.


The guy you see in the picture, that’s me (*insert emoji*). My name’s Augusto, nice to meet you! I’m a strange 22-year-old from the Dominican Republic, and I’m proud of being born and raised in this beautiful half-of-an-island my country is made of. You may have heard of my awesome country by any of the following sample of things, us Dominicans are known for:

  • Punta Cana!
  • Major corruption levels in our government!
  • The obsession durglord’s have with this country!
  • Our prostitutes!
  • Our strippers!
  • Major sexual tourism destination!
  • We’re racists towards haitians!
  • We’re bigoted homphobes!

And many more!


As a millennial (I was born in 1993), it’s difficult for me to see myself living in such hostile conditions for who I think I can be or what I do see myself doing. Let me explain, I’m not your standard twenty-something, aka: crazy, outgoing, party-goer, etc. I’m very opinionated about many things and also, I really don’t fit in. I just simply DON’T. I don’t need to try too much, I just basically don’t fit in here or with many people to say the least.

I can’t complain about my so-called life, I’ve been really luck to have the parents life has given me. And I mean it, even though I’m in the lower 20s, my parent’s do still care about me and what happens to me when I’m outside of my home, and sadly, I still live with my parents and even though I just used the word sadly, I don’t really mean it in those exact terms.

I’ve been able to enjoy things that most kids my age, and in my territory, would love to say that they’ve been able to do, such as visiting Japan at age 10. Being honest, that trip really did change my life and thus far, it’s the only time in my whole life that I’ve actually been outside of my country. If at age 10 (yes folks! Just 10-years-old), I survived perfectly fine being away from home and without my parent’s, I definitely can handle a little bit more of time, I just need the balls to do it, the money to afford it and have a real oportunity to live outside my borders for a while, and right now, that has been in my mind for a long time.

Fukuoka City Hall, one of the many places I visited back in July 2004.

Fukuoka City Hall, one of the many places I visited back in July 2004.

Not long after that trip, I switched schools in August 2005 and went from a middle-upper class Catholic school near downtown Santo Domingo to a middle-lower class Catholic school just two blocks away from my home, and that’s where I graduated from high school in 2011. 

Those six years of middle and high school, have marked my life, and some of the decisions and things I did during those years have completely made who I am today. As during those days, in that old Catholic school, I learned about many things and I also learned many things about myself. I really did and I’m thankful that I moved away from the spoiled-brat circle where I used to be and hit a little bit of reality. I originally came out as bisexual on Junior year, but after a series of events with a fellow classmate happened during Senior year, I came out as gay as soon as we started univeristy and we all moved on from what high school meant for all of us.


I’ve always been really critical of many things, but at the same time, I’ve always had this irreverent, IDGAF atittude towards MANY things in life that it’s a little bit of my own way showing self-pride. I get that it may seem as a total contradiction, but I’m a really confused person nowadays, and since I graduated from high school, that’s been present in my life. Also, entering one of my country’s top universities and ending up being a completely average student, are something I should say I must be proud of accomplishing. Not many folks, my age and in my country can say that at 21, they finished univeristy successfully and graduated on time, also that they’re NOT on a student loan. I’m even an example in my family. LOL.

Throughout these years I struggled with who I am, who I want to be, and what I want to accomplish during my lifespan. I started working at a horrible place (aka a CALL CENTER! *insert sad face emoji here*), I had a major reality check, I started feeling more comfortable in my own skin but at the end I ended up feeling completely lost in time. And, as of today, already graduated from univeristy and working on the career I selected, I’ve never felt as lost and out of place as I feel now.

To finish my debut post, this is a song I recomend and one of my eternal favorite’s from the Eurovision Song Contest: Ruth Lorenzo – Dancing in the Rain.


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