Reasons to Celebrate

Hello again, I'm aware that I haven't posted as frequently as I used to, especially now that I moved several months ago to the U.S. and began my adventure as a grad student here (I promise that I will recap the rollercoaster ride this semester has been on another post, coming soon!). Today is my … Continue reading Reasons to Celebrate


Kevin Spacey

First of all, I know I haven't posted here in a while, almost 3 months, but guys, understand me, I'm totally adapting myself to my new life in Midwest USA. Also, this semester of school has kept me busy until the end. Trust me, I have to figure it out to come back. And on this … Continue reading Kevin Spacey

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected is the best way to describe the past few months in my life. And I mean so literally. I never thought I would be in this crazy experience, but I'm sure that it'll be one of the best I'll ever get to live. To not extend myself way too much: I obtained … Continue reading Expect the Unexpected

I Love Big Brother!

I love Big Brother! Literally, I love that show. It's addictive, catchy and entertaining. From the host, going through the house, the gameplay and the housemates, it's one of the most interesting reality television formats that exist today. Debuted in the Netherlands back in 1999, and has maintained itself as a TV mainstay for many … Continue reading I Love Big Brother!

5 artists that should compete at Eurovision

On this post, I'm doing another Eurovision-packed entry, because I'm having those withdrawal signs, ok? OK! (Eurovision is life. Bye!) And also, I'll admit this: I haven't written anything here in a month, literally, and I'll explain why I've been so busy lately in another post soon. Don't worry people, there's a reason for everything. So, back to … Continue reading 5 artists that should compete at Eurovision

Born This Way

Baby, I was born this way.... Oh, this way! Lady Gaga anyone? It's Pride month, and today - June 12 - happens to be a special date. We commemorate the 1st anniversary on the attack at Pulse in Orlando, Florida, where 49 people (most of them LGBTQ) died. Although homosexuality is generally much more accepted … Continue reading Born This Way

What’s the Pressure?

What’s the pressure? Really, what the heck is it? Seriously society, you have to get your goddamn self together, you’re exhausting, annoying and simply a son of a bitch. Being a college grad in this modern era can be frustrating at times, especially if finding a job reaches of the point of being an excruciating … Continue reading What’s the Pressure?

Eurovision 2017: My Top 10

It's that time of the year again! It's time to enjoy the magic of the Eurovision Song Contest! YAAASSSS!!!! This year, 42 countries are competing to become the next winner of the world's oldest and most watched annual music competition. And, well, as tomorrow we'll see this year's event come to an end, I'm sharing … Continue reading Eurovision 2017: My Top 10

Past, Present & Future

The Past, Present & Future, kind of irony, don't you all think? This post in a way will work as a way to give you all an update on my life, my projects, my aspirations, my ideas, my feelings, pretty much everything about me as a person. Since I started dieting and changing habits a … Continue reading Past, Present & Future

Dominican Republic, We’re Messed Up

Probably you've heard nice things about the Dominican Republic, its people, its weather, its beaches, how affordable it can be here, and so on. This country is rich in culture, natural attractions, food, and many more things, but there's one detail of our everyday lives that has kept us behind for generations in the past … Continue reading Dominican Republic, We’re Messed Up